Car wash offers 9 washes, 1 session?!

In today's weirdest news, authorities recently busted a Malaysian car wash and massage parlor after they discovered that the two businesses had teamed up to offer one very satisfying promotion to their customers: Buy 9 car washes, get one free sex session!

Uh, say WHAT?! I know the economy is not exactly in its best state, but never in a million years did I think owners would have to resort to anything that scandalous to survive!


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Apparently, both businesses were attempting to entice more customers with their, errr, creative marketing strategy. But unfortunately for them, it didn't last very long. After 3 months of running the promotion, police caught wind of the X-rated activity after they found several "loyalty cards" on customers who had been caught having solicited sex. When they discovered the details of the offer, the authorities invaded the parlor and arrested nine Vietnamese women believed to be prostitutes, between the ages of 18 (so young!!) and 28.

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The whole thing is just gross, not to mention completely bizarre! Seriously, have you ever before heard of a "Buy 9, get free sex" sale?! I sure haven't! I just can't help but wonder if any of the customer's family members or wives ever questioned why their cars were so clean all of the time? Well, now they definitely know the answer!

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