Couple needed rescuing after proposal gone totally wrong!

Ah love, if it's right, it brings out the best in ourselves and when you find "the one," usually marriage is the next step to take. After hearing many engagement stories this year, I have to say my favorite is by far Nathan Bluestein and May Gorial's proposal gone wrong. Now, when I say it went wrong, I don't mean she said no, but I'm referring to the fact that it ended in a police rescue!

The Michigan couple knew they were ready to take the next step in their relationship and Bluestein (like most men, I'd hope) wanted the proposal to go PERFECT. The problem with his plan was that it was SO elaborate--he'd been planning it for months!--that it backfired.


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His scheme included a canoe ride to idyllic Wild Fowl Bay on Lake Huron, 100 miles north of Detroid, and presenting his beloved with an aged French poem in a bottle with the proposal written in it. Lucky for him, everything went as planned (she said yes!)--that is, until they realized they were unable to get back to land due to inclement weather.

Oops! The soon to be groom didn't realize that weather could be an issue when planning his romantic outing--good thing she'd already said yes, ha! Thankfully they were able to get assistance from the sheriff's department who had deputies escort them safely from North Island, where they ended up, back to shore. (In fact, the two deputies that rescued the couple are now front-row invitees for their upcoming wedding!)

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Even though Bluestein's plan didn't end so well, what mattered was his sweet gesture and I'm sure his fiance took that into account when deciding to be his wife. Hopefully their wedding will go much more smoothly, but the one thing I do advise them is to avoid having it near a body of water.

Have you been part of a crazy proposal mishap? Tell us in the comments box below!

Image via Mary Gorial/facebook

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