I'd like to be able to say that having sex in dangerous places is something only teenagers do, but come on--I know for a fact that's not true!

Obviously, I'm not going to go into details here (wink, wink), but it's definitely important to know that with sex, like so many other things, the majority of the accidents  that do happen occur right at home.

A wall decoration falls on top of you, a chair breaks, shower tiles get slippery, curtains fall off the rod, you can't find your clothes (Ok, that might just be emabarassing, but you get the point)… and so on and so on.

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Of course, there are also more serious cases. In Argentina, for example, a man actually fell off a 7th floor balcony when he heard his lover's husband at the door and he had the bright idea of trying to jump on over to the neighbor's apartment. Lesson: A married lady's bed is probably not the safest place to be having sex, unless, you know, you're her husband and all.

Remember the German couple who fell through  a second floor window while they were having sex? (She was also cheating on her husband apparently! I'm picking up on a theme here.)

According to stats, the average American age 18 to 29 has sex about 112 times a year. According to our informal (office) poll, there are definitely a huge number of accidents that can happen during sex, and have happened to our survey respondents! It can be a minor accident like a little bruise, or a huge and painful affair, like a penis fracture.

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It's funny, but it happens, people! The most common objects that pose a danger, from what we gathered in our "study," are bed headboards, wine bottles and wine glasses, picture frames, chairs, cups, walls, bureau drawers, doors, windows, and vases. You can imagine how this can all happen… right?

Safety first ladies! Check out our gallery below to suss out the most dangerous places where sex accidents can occur. We're not talking about crazy acrobatic feats here (although, if you're going to try those, be EXTRA careful!).

So, come clean: Have you had sex in any of these hazardous places?

Sex outdoors 1

Sex outdoors

Image via Thinkstock

The garden can be hazardous to your intercourse! I don’t even want to THINK about what could happen if you try to invent some positions in a park or at the beach…


Sex in a car 2

Sex in a car

Image via Thinkstock

I’m beyond sure that most of us have been caught in more than one compromising—and possibly not-too-safe—situation in a car… cough, cough.


Sex in a chair 3

Sex in a chair

Image via Thinkstock

You don’t have to be a creative genius to know that to spice things up a bit if you’re bored with the bed, all you have to do is take the action to a chair. But, please, be sure it’s a really sturdy chair. Do you even know how many people have fallen backwards or broken one during a chair escapade?

Sex in bed 4

Sex in bed

Image via Thinkstock

Of course the most common place to have sexual intercourse would be where the most accidents occur. It could be a weird pose, a kick, a head butt.


Sex on the kitchen table 5

Sex on the kitchen table

Image via Thinkstock

It must be because I spend an inordinate amount of time there, but I personally don’t find anything sexy about doing the nasty in the kitchen. And thank God, because a dinette table could be a really dangerous place to whoopee… Just saying.


Sex in the shower 6

Sex in the shower

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Statistics show that the worst accidents at home happen in the kitchen and in the bathroom. The water and soap combo can be very sexy, but when you add some slippery surfaces, the result could be fatal.


Sex on the sofa 7

Sex on the sofa

Image via Thinkstock

You can just see how easy it is to fall off a sofa when you’re all wrapped up in the action. That’s not even counting the back spasms or other muscle injuries that could come from doing the nasty in your living room!

Sex on the stairs 8

Sex on the stairs

Image via Thinkstock

I don’t even want to think about this—to just imagine it makes my coccyx hurt!


Sex in the closet 9

Sex in the closet

Image via Thinkstock

Be very careful with having sex here—unless, of course, you’re trying to hide for some reason (in which case, this place is probably safest).