Hot-tempered husband lights wife's clothes on fire over suspected cheating!

Wow, talk about overreacting! Nightclub owner Anthony Mead is making headlines after he set fire to his wife's designer clothes. Why? Because her obsessive texting made him suspect she was cheating!


Apparently Mead's wife, Sutheera, was texting too much for his liking during a family outing. Convinced she was talking to a lover, he quickly became angry and demanded she leave their home. When she refused, he flew into a jealous rage, piling her expensive clothes on the bed and setting them on fire in front of his wife and their three children. Looks like we've found the father of the year!

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His outrage reportedly caused about $24,000 worth of damages. Mead was arrested at the scene and has since been given a 12-month suspended prison sentence. Meanwhile, Sutheera is planning on filing for divorce (um, DUH) and says there was never any affair to begin with

Well, it looks like someone needs to learn how to control their temper. But seriously, how completely and utterly insane does someone have to be to do something like this? Why wouldn't Mead just ask her who she was texting like a normal person?  He must have been really insecure in his marriage to immediately assume she was cheating, not to mention immature. Instead of acting like an adult and initiating a real conversation with his wife, he went crazy, committed a potentially harmful act, and set a terrible example for his children.

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Regardless of whether she was cheating or not, I'm just glad that Sutheera is distancing herself from Mead. No one should be forced to deal with someone that unstable!

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