Would you ever let your friends 'bride-nap' you at your wedding?

From the bachelorette party to the something blue and something borrowed, weddings always come with a slew of traditions. As the maid of honor in my sister's upcoming wedding, I have quickly become an expert on all things ceremony and reception-related, but even I had never heard of "bride-napping" before! Apparently, it's a big trend in Romania in which a group of friends abduct the bride, take her to a secure location, and demand some type of "ransom" from the groom (normally something like a few bottles of booze or a public declaration of love)--all while the wedding is still taking place!

Crazy, right?


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I've never wanted a big, traditional wedding so normally I love hearing about kooky and unconventional customs or ceremonies. But I have to say that even though bride-napping is supposed to be fun and harmless, I think I would HATE if my friends ever did it to me.

Why? Well, call me boring, but if I spent months planning the details of my wedding, I damn well better be present for every moment to enjoy it! There's no way I would want to miss a whole chunk of my party just because my drunken friends (even though I love them) decided to kidnap me. And it really doesn't seem smart considering I would presumably be wearing my wedding dress at the time. Seriously, I think if I tried to pull that on my sister, she would probably body check me into unconsciousness before letting me take her... and after a 2-year engagement, I would totally understand why!

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I just don't really get the whole practice. I mean, why would you want to leave your own wedding? Isn't it rude for the bride to leave when friends and family are all there to celebrate her matrimony?  And why can't brides and their friends just all celebrate together at the actual event? Apparently, Romanians do it for the story, but I'm pretty sure that's what bachelorette parties are for! Or is this supposed to be like a PG-version that you can actually talk to your parents about?

Like I said, it doesn't sound like my cup of tea, but to each their own, I guess. I only hope that the brides who do partake all make it back to their receptions with happy smiles and still-sparkling dresses!

Would you ever "bride-nap" a friend or allow friends to "bride-nap" you? Tell us in the comments below!

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