Mami Confessions: What would do if your husband refuses a divorce?

What would you do if you knew that your marriage had reached its end? In this week's Mami Confessions, one Latina took to our anonymous Confesiones forum to ask for advice on what she should do about her rocky relationship with her husband.


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In her post, she admits that she is unhappy and wants to get a divorce, but her husband is NOT making it simple for her. She writes:

I'm no longer happy in my marriage and my husband doesn't want to give me a divorce, much less leave the house. He has demonstrated and told me clearly that he doesn't love me and that he is not happy. I have told him plenty of times that he should leave and he won't. I feel really frustrated and sad. I don't know what to do!   

Facing the reality of a divorce is tough for anybody, but I can only imagine that it's much harder if your husband seems to be making it impossible to separate. Personally, I would recommend for this Latina to take the first step herself and hire a lawyer.  It takes courage and strength to take such action on your own, but I think it's crucial if a divorce is what she really wants.

But above all, it's important for anyone in this situation or a similar one to stay safe and leave immediately if there are any signs of abuse or danger!

What do you think she should do? Tell us in the comments below!

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