Partner yoga: true aphrodisiac and the secret to better sex (PHOTOS)

September is National Yoga Month which makes me think... did you realize how sexy downward dog, camel pose and bow pose can be?! Although in yoga it's all about getting in touch with yourself, when you couple up, these poses and others gain new meaning. I have heard that couple yoga helps fuse the male/female energies, so imagine what it can do in terms of your sexual chemistry! (That is why I set out to write this post, in my attempt to convince my boyfriend to get into yoga with me... Wink! Wink!).

Think of partner yoga as a way to connect with your significant other while strengthening the bond and communication between the both of you, and then tell him about the benefits that have been reported of partner yoga for mind-blowing sex. If I were him, I wouldn't miss the chance to try some of the sexiest yoga poses out there with you to enjoy some of the fringe benefits that come with the invitation.


When you practice yoga as a couple, the benefits of yoga multiply! If you have not considered it before, I hope this post gets you and your spouse to try it!

The practice of yoga offers great benefits for the individual. Believe me, I know that from experience as I have practiced yoga for years. The sense of relaxation is absolute, the inner peace experienced sublime and the flexibility and strength of the muscles (even in areas of your body you forgot exist) amazing. Sharing this experience with your significant other can transform every realm of your life together too! 

Practicing yoga together will not only help you both deepen a yoga posture and increase a stretch, but it is also the perfect way for you to find each other in a space where you get to know your bodies in a different way. The balance you achieve working in unison will help strengthen the mutual trust between you. 


Partner yoga can be very intimate, closing up the space between you and allowing for the kind of touch that can awaken new sensations. Don't be afraid to recall those sensations in the bedroom when making love as well. 

You and your partner become each others mirror. That shared touch and the intimacy of yoga is the perfect foreplay for what is to come. 

If yoga for me is ideal for taking care of my body and soul, partner yoga can help me and my loved one take care of our relationship: leading us to discover new sexual positions, making us more aware of each others bodies and enhancing our sexual appetite. 

Here is a video that I hope will inspire my boyfriend to try it. Hope it helps you with yours too! Enjoy! 

Have you practiced yoga or any other sport or exercise with your partner?
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