Would you still believe in love after 8 divorces?

I never thought I would say this, but everyone would have much better relationships if they followed eight times divorcee, Sandra McNab's love philosophy. Yep, Scotland's own Liz Taylor, offers the best piece of advice when it comes to the matters of the heart and she's even looking for her ninth husband!  Before you judge her (which I did too!), listen up, because she really makes some excellent points.

Understandably, it sounds absurd to even take love advice from a woman who has over 8 failed marriages, but what if I told you that her mentality towards love could make your love life more successful? Personally I'm so used to hearing negative commentary about love from my female friends that it's about time I hear some positive things.


Despite having bad luck in love, McNab remains inspired to find her Mr. Right as her parents and grandparents have had happy and solid marriages for many years. She also considers herself a hopeless romantic and tries to see the good in everyone.

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So what would she do differently in her love life this time around? McNab would like to have an honest and trusting man who looks after her for a change (Down with man babies!). Her wisest piece of advice is that she believes you have to look at people's hearts and not at their exterior. The incurable romantic also wants to keep trying at love because she thinks it's sad to think you'll never get that happy ending.

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Aw! I can totally support that! But nine marriages is a bit excessive for me. I'm totally old school and believe in having one husband and the whole till death do us spiel. But more power to McNab for maintaining this mentality towards love. It's definitely much healthier than the way most young women's percieve it-- and who knows maybe husband #9 is the "one."

Would you give love a shot if you've been divorced more than once? Tell us in the comments box below!

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