This year, there were a lot of bizarre products marketed towards women and the latest to be released is just as strange. Dubai-based Eurostar Group has just introduced the ePad Femme, a tablet made specifically for women ... and yes, it is as awful as it sounds.

Though the ePad Femme itself isn't pink, it comes preloaded with a pink background (of course), as well as a number of apps ... y'know, so users don't have to worry their pretty little heads about searching for ones that actually meet their individual interests.

In case that wasn't 1950's enough for you, the already-downloaded apps mostly revolve around yoga, grocery shopping, weight loss, and cooking. There's nothing especially wrong with that except that if you happen to prefer kickboxing and are useless in the kitchen like I am, then you're out of luck.


"It makes a perfect gadget for a woman who might find difficulties in terms of downloading these applications and it is a quick reference," Mani Nair, Associate Vice President for Marketing at Eurostar Group, told the Jerusalem Post.

Seriously, at this point, my eyes are rolling so far back into my head, it's a miracle I can even see the computer screen. Then again, according to Nair, it's a miracle I can even turn the computer screen on, seeing as how all women are obviously techology-illiterate. Barf.

But as infuriatingly sexist as the ePad Femme is, tthe tablet is unfortunately far from the worst product ever designed for women. Below, 12 more dumb products supposedly designed to make the lives of females a little easier:

Image via EUROSTAR Group/Facebook.

Go Girl 1

Go Girl

Image via

This funnel-like toilet device allows you to finally let go of that penis envy and actually pee standing up. I know--just what you've always dreamed of!


Tinge Razor/Vibrator 2

Tinge Razor/Vibrator

Image via

A tool designed to help you shave down there that also doubles as a vibrator--just in case you wanted to pleasure yourself with the aid of razorblades.


Kush Support Breast Separator 3

Kush Support Breast Separator

Image via

Because sticking an awkardly-shaped device down the front of your pajamas will definitely make it easier for large-chested ladies to go to sleep.

Fun Betty Pube Dye 4

Fun Betty Pube Dye

Image via

What guy doesn't want to pull down his girlfriends pants to reveal bright-pink pubic hair? Wait, I thought we weren't allowed to be hairy...isn't that what the razor/vibrator is for?


Wine Rack 5

Wine Rack

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The picture says it all.


Rejuvinique Face Mask 6

Rejuvinique Face Mask

Image via YouTube

A mask designed to rejuvenate your face but actually makes you look like a murderer. And it costs $200.


Tiddy Bear 7

Tiddy Bear

Image via YouTube

The Tiddy Bear is a seat-belt cover in the shape of a teddy bear that is designed to fit in between women's breasts to avoid tightness or chafing. Also known as the most unfortunately named product in the entire universe.

Emergency Bra 8

Emergency Bra

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Half-bra, half-mask, all-around ridiculous.


18 again 9

18 again

Image via YouTube

This product, which has only been marketed in India, is designed to make users "feel like a virgin again."  Because once you have past 18, it's obviously all downhill from there. At least for your vagina.

My New Pink Button 10

My New Pink Button

Image via Amazon


My New Pink Button (the name becomes much more horrifying once you realize what it does) is a temporary dye used restore the "youthful pink color back to your labia." According to the site, there is "no other product like it." If only that was the truth! Unfortunately,  vaginal rejuvenation products seem to have actually useful items outnumbered.


Bic For Her Pens 11

Bic For Her Pens

Image via Amazon

In August, Bic recently released a completely stupid and totally unnecessary line of "lady" pens, Bic for Her (read: they are purple or pink and patterned). They're advertised as having "an elegant design--just for her" and a "thin barrel to fit a woman's hand." No, I am not joking, and yes, it does suddenly feel like the 1950s! For obvious reasons (like, um, why the hell does the world need gender-specific pens?), the pens caused quite a buzz online, causing hundreds of women and men to leave scathing--and hilariously sarcastic--reviews on the product's Amazon page.

Vaping Vamps 12

Vaping Vamps

Image via Vaping Vamps

Vaping Vamps is an electronic cigarette made just for you female smokers. Like many unnecessarily womens-only products, the e-cigarette has purple designs...and that's about it. As far as I can tell, besides its name and girly embellishments the item offers absolutely nothing that distinguishes it from any other e-cigaratte!