This year, there were a lot of bizarre products marketed towards women and the latest to be released is just as strange. Dubai-based Eurostar Group has just introduced the ePad Femme, a tablet made specifically for women ... and yes, it is as awful as it sounds.

Though the ePad Femme itself isn't pink, it comes preloaded with a pink background (of course), as well as a number of apps ... y'know, so users don't have to worry their pretty little heads about searching for ones that actually meet their individual interests.

In case that wasn't 1950's enough for you, the already-downloaded apps mostly revolve around yoga, grocery shopping, weight loss, and cooking. There's nothing especially wrong with that except that if you happen to prefer kickboxing and are useless in the kitchen like I am, then you're out of luck.



"It makes a perfect gadget for a woman who might find difficulties in terms of downloading these applications and it is a quick reference," Mani Nair, Associate Vice President for Marketing at Eurostar Group, told the Jerusalem Post.

Seriously, at this point, my eyes are rolling so far back into my head, it's a miracle I can even see the computer screen. Then again, according to Nair, it's a miracle I can even turn the computer screen on, seeing as how all women are obviously techology-illiterate. Barf.

But as infuriatingly sexist as the ePad Femme is, tthe tablet is unfortunately far from the worst product ever designed for women. Below, 12 more dumb products supposedly designed to make the lives of females a little easier:

Image via EUROSTAR Group/Facebook.

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