Mami Confessions: What would you do if you fell in love with a married man?

Today, we are spotlighting another post from our Confesiones group, a forum that allows our Latina moms to dish on their most personal secrets and problems.  This week's anonymous writer needs some serious help—and we want to hear your take on the matter!


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In her post, this Latina confesses that she had an ongoing affair with a married man for 5 years and doesn't know what to do about their relationship. She writes:

I am a single mother who has not had much luck in love. Five years ago, I met a married man and we started a relationship. I was always conscious of his status but in reality, in the beginning, I just wanted to have a good time since he is very good looking. As time went on though, we fell in love. He always tells me and shows me that he loves and I love him but we have been trying to end our relationship for over a year because he think it's for my own good. He told me that though he loves me, he will not leave his wife for me and to continue a relationship with both of us will only cause me pain. But I love him so much I can't let it go! I can't sleep and I cry all the time.

Wow, well that is certainly an extremely difficult position to be in. While I don't condone her getting involved with a married man, a 5-year-long relationship is definitely not a just a fling--especially when this woman is a single mother who has a kid to look out for!

It sounds to me like it would be best to distance herself from the situation, although obviously, that's easier said than done. Maybe her best bet is to focus on her family and other aspects of her life? I hope she finds a solution soon!

What do YOU think she should do?Share your advice for her in the comments below!

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