I would NEVER let my man dictate my style! (VIDEO)

Last night on Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim let Kanye West into her closet so that he could revamp her style. Ever since they started dating, it's been extremely obvious that his style has rubbed off on her. The two have often been seen wearing matching outfits and she has been spotted everywhere wearing a bunch of items from his fashion line in the past few weeks. The whole thing was a little nauseating (seriously, matching is only cute on babies. Twin babies), but still nowhere near as vomit-inducing as yesterday's episode in which West and his stylist give Kardashian a "style makeover." 

The episode showed West and his stylist sorting through Kardashian's closet, creating a MASSIVE donation pile of clothes that they don't like and then re-styling her with new things that are Kanye-approved. Though Kardashian is visibly uncomfortable and nervous throughout the whole thing, West pushes her to stay on task. At the end, he even calls her "the new Kim."


Um, excuse me, but if my boyfriend ever criticized my style, tried to make me over, or threw out piles of my clothes, I would murder him. And then dump him….after throwing out HIS clothes.

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Seriously, it would be one thing if West was helping Kardashian pick out stuff to donate for a cause (which she should do--girl's got way too much stuff!), but to force her to re-style herself simply because he doesn't like what he sees? Are you kidding me? I would think that, as her boyfriend, he would like the old Kim, no matter what she was wearing. Instead, he treats her like some kind of reality show Barbie, dressing up her in what he wants and molding her into his version of the perfect girl.

The entire thing is just sad. I mean, I know Kardashian isn't the brightest crayon in the box, but you would think she would have actually learned something from her string of failed relationships…like how to be independent and stand up for herself, instead of letting her boyfriend dictate her life.

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Maybe one day she'll learn to act as self-confident as she seems on the red carpet. In the meantime though, I only hope that young viewers who watch the show don't actually think that's appropriate behavior in relationships. Oh and guys? Take note: only follow West's example if you want to get beaten up or be single...'cause chances are, if you do what he did, you'll be both.

Would you ever let a man dictate what you wear? Tell us in the comments below!

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