Is it okay to snoop on your hubby's text messages?

Have you ever snooped through your hubby's text messages? Or maybe his email? Or even his voicemail? Well, don't feel too bad because apparently you're not alone!

To be honest, I've snooped once or twice. I was suspicious about something and, when he went to shower, I took a look through his texts. I felt a little guilty but the issue was driving me crazy and, since I couldn't get an honest answer to something, I had to investigate for myself. The funny thing is that now I can't even remember what the problem was but I don't really regret doing it, either. Well, 37% of women and 29% of women would agree with me that snooping through texts is perfectly acceptable.


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In a survey of over 2,000 adults conducted on, some slightly surprising dating habits were revealed. I think the biggest surprise is that more people seem to be snooping than ever. Is it maybe because we're all so glued to our cellphones that we can't help but want to know just what's going on all the time? And, well, if "bad behavior" is suspected from your partner, then why ISN'T it okay to do a little spying ourselves? It may save a ton of heartbreak in the long run.

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Not surprisingly, though, the younger you are, the more likely you are to approve of "electronic snooping", as reported on While only 26% of adults over the age 55 said it was okay, 36% of adults from 18-34 were completely ok with text-spying.

So is the sneaky activity really as bad as we all think? Yes, it's a violation of privacy but I, for one, would rather know if something bad was going on. I bet that a lot of the snooping is due to allegations of cheating and, well, if I have to break someone's privacy to find out that they cheated on me, I'd rather do that and get the relationship over with—even if it is a not-ideal way to get the information.

Have you ever snooped on your hubby's cell phone? Would you feel justified to do so if you thought there was "bad behavior" going on? Share with us in the comments below!

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