Is Eva Mendes REALLY going to propose to Ryan Gosling?

I know it's the 21st Century and all, but I still do a double take whenever I hear of a woman proposing to a man. I know I really shouldn't because I seriously believe in equality and wholeheartedly call myself a feminist, but there's still something about a proposal that feels very "yes, the boy should give the ring" to me.

That's why I was a bit, well, surprised when I heard the news that Eva Mendes might be getting ready to propose to boyfriend-of-almost-1-year Ryan Gosling. Is it true? Is the Latina really going to go against her culture (cause, seriously, WHO has heard of a Latina EVER being the one to propose?!) and actually do the asking herself?


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Well, it turns out the rumor is probably false. Not that I'm really all that surprised but all the initial hoopla was over some pretty illegitimate gossip rag website called ShowbizSpy reporting that a "source" (I use the quotes sarcastically, FYI) said that RyGos is super uptight about having a baby out of wedlock (wait, is she pregnant, too? I'm confused) and so Eva, who apparently doesn't ever want to get married, is considering changing her tune. The supposed source said:

Ryan believes in marital commitment before children. But Eva doesn't support the institution of marriage. She's very outspoken about it. She [sic] considering caving and actually proposing to Ryan on their one-year anniversary in September.

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Aside from this crazy rumor about Eva proposing to Ryan, the real question is: Could you propose to your man? I honestly struggle with that. It's not that I think it's necessarily wrong about a woman proposing to a man, but just that there's something special about a man getting down on one knee with a big rock. Maybe it's because I love jewelry but I've always wanted to be surprised with my engagement. Perhaps Eva doesn't feel the same and really IS planning to propose to Ryan but, what I want to know it: could you do the same?

Do you think Eva Mendes should propose to Ryan Gosling? Have you ever proposed or wanted to propose to your man? Share with us in the comments below!

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