Oral sex may help ease depression for women

Ladies: Remember all those times you'd reject your man when he'd ask you to perform a little something for him down there...? Well, you may have been pushing away potential happiness! Happiness, you ask?

It turns out that oral sex and your man's semen are the gateway to fighting off depression. A new study has found that human semen has "mood- altering" chemicals which may be beneficial to women's mental health.



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Do you hear that? That's the sound of men rejoicing right now all around the world--and I can guarantee that this will be the excuse they use to convince their wives and girlfriends to perform their favorite act on a regular basis. The research conducted by scientists at The State University of New York discovered that the chemicals found in semen such as cortisol, estrone, oxytocin as well as other anti-depressant components, help elevate your mood, improve sleep quality, and make you act more lovey dovey.

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But oral sex, the scientists found, isn't the only way to get your daily dose of happiness--in addition to this study, scientists gathered a group of college women from the school and found that those who regularly had unprotected sex with their partners performed better on concentration and cognitive tests and even displayed fewer signs of depression than those who used condoms or remained abstinent. 

I don't know about you ladies, but if performing oral sex can make me feel relaxed and happy instead of moody all the time, then by all means bring it on! 

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