Study says women drink more after marriage... and I believe it!

I've been married for almost 11 years, so it's a bit hard for me to remember how much I truly drank before I said "I do," but it was surely less than now. I mean, I know I did my share of drinking when I was in college and right after, but it wasn't always as regularly as I do it now. My husband and I have always enjoyed having a cocktail after work and trying out new wines. So, I'm not surprised at all by a new study that says women drink more after getting married. 

But I wouldn't necessarily say my drinking increased because of my marriage. I think it has more to do with becoming a mom than anything else.


Now, don't get me wrong. It's not like I can't live without drinking. In fact, I can go weeks without having a drink, but more often than not, I actually like to have either a beer or a glass of wine with dinner. It's my way of unwinding while having dinner with my husband after putting the kids to sleep.

The study doesn't talk at all about whether the women in the study were moms or not and I actually think that makes a difference. I guess it sounds kind of bad for me to say that I started drinking more after I had children, but, at least in my case, it's a reality. And it's not something I worry about because I don't feel I use it as an escape, but I do enjoy having a glass of wine after the craziness that bedtime can be around my house!

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What I found interesting about the study is that it found that married women tend to drinnk more after they get hitched becasue they're trying to keep up with their husbands! Hmm.. that's not me for sure. My husband has a very high tolerance for alcohol, so there's no way I could keep up with him. 

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