Would your man ever take a birth control pill?

FINALLY! Women will no longer be the only ones held responsible for birth control. New research has found that a prototype for an effective oral male contraceptive has been developed and may be clinically tested later in the year.

As a birth control user myself, I'm really pleased with the news that male birth control may be on its way. It's about time that men have their own form of contraceptive-- aside from condoms, especially since it's a lot of pressure for the women to be solely  responsible for a couple's birth control!



Researchers recently tested a compound called JQ1 and discovered that it prevents sperm from developing and becoming mature--which could potentially be the key to effective male birth control. This ingredient causes a protein in male sperm to "forget" how to do its job, making sperm infertile--all this as long as it was taken consistently. 

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This may concern both men and women since it raises the question, what about the risk of infertility? But we can all rest easy as researchers have confirmed that after discontinued use of the product, normal sperm production resumed. Whew! 

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I personally think scientists should take their time to ensure that the new male contraceptive is effective AS WELL as safe for men. When it's finally on the market I'm sure many women are going to have their partners run to their doctors to get a sample of this newfound glory. Although the next amazing creation would be for scientists to develop a method that actually will help us remember to take the pill, since I know firsthand many women (and hopefully soon men!) have a hard time doing so. 

Would you make your man take male birth control? Tell us in the comments below!

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