Couple gets married 22 times in 13 different countries!

I've already talked about how I don't plan on ever having a big wedding. All that planning and stressing just isn't for me! But if I, for some reason (aka my family makes me), do decide to have a larger celebration, then I would definitely take a note from Lisa Gant and Alex Pelling--who haven't had just one destination wedding, but 22 of them in 13 different countries!


In July 2011, Gant and Pelling decided that they were celebrate their upcoming marriage in a very non-traditional way: by quitting their jobs and dedicating their lives to hosting weddings and experiencing cultures all around the world. Originally, their goal was to have thirty weddings in one year. Now that they've had 22 ceremonies in a little over a year, they've decided to extend their traveling with the intention of having more than 50 weddings by 2014. Unbelievable!

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The couple travels in a camper van, taking advice from locals on where to get married, buying traditional cultural outfits when necessary, and just taking it day by day. They have celebrated under water in Mexico, in swimming pools, on the beach, and everywhere from Belize, Guatemala and Colombia to Michigan and Hawaii. They told the Huffington Post their next location is Brazil, which is the last stop on their South American Tour. 

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Okay, I know that this probably sounds more than a little crazy to most people (I can only imagine that the costs are exorbitant!), but personally I think it's pretty freakin' awesome. Traveling is one of my favorite pastimes and if I had the means to do so, I would LOVE to go on a spontaneous worldwide adventure with my partner by my side. Who wouldn't?! Besides, while the multiple weddings obviously aren't exactly necessary, you have to admit that all of those parties must make for some great stories!

Plus, with all of these amazing experiences, the two of them must be closer than ever!

What do you think of the couple's crazy adventure? Tell us in the comments below!

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