Being a good flirt can save you a ton of money!

I didn't really need a study to tell me that using my feminine charm is good for my bank account, but I'm glad to see that science has proven what I've always known: being a good flirt can seriously save you some dough!

For the first time ever, academics studies what happens when a woman flirts while negotiating the price of a car and found that she can get a "considerable discount at around 20 perfect off the original price." Um, DUH! I don't know about you ladies, but I pretty much make it my job to flirt with anyone and everyone who is providing any kind of service for me. And yes, I definitely reap the benefits!


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I know that it's maybe a little bit sexist to go around using my womanly charms in order to get discounts on clothing or a haircut, but I have no shame about it. My mami taught me a long time ago that an extra smile and some flirty words can go a long way to gain someone's favor. It's not like I would ever seriously do something, but what's wrong with flirting with the middle aged Middle Eastern owner of my local deli? He'll slip me an extra pack of gum once in a while or tell me I can pay him back next time (which I never do) when I'm short a couple dollars from buying my Ben & Jerry ice cream.

The researchers from University of California at Berkeley and the London School of Economics say that you have to have "the right balance between flirtation and friendliness," according to You basically need the "combination of warmth, friendliness, playfulness, flattery and sexiness" in order to get 20% off, according to the study published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

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Now, I don't have a car right now but you can bet that I'll DEFINITELY be flirting my way to a better deal when I do decide to buy one! I mean, come on, girls, we're still earning less than men anyway, so why not use what our mamas gave us to save a little money? At the end of the day, just call it being a good customer (I mean, who wouldn't enjoy a little friendly attention and compliments when trying to make a sale?) and just do it. Trust me, your wallet will thank you later.

Do you ever flirt to get a better deal on a purchase? Would you ever do that to get 20% off a car sale? Share with us in the comments below!

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