Stressed men prefer their woman with a little junk in her trunk

Well, so much for people having a "type"!

I've always thought that I had a type. It's not necessarily reflected in my past relationships, granted, but I fully admit that I have a serious weakness for the tall, dark and handsome type with blue/green eyes and long-ish hair. I don't know what it is, but that's just what floats my boat. What I didn't know, though, is that my stress level may actually affect who I find attractive, according to a new study that found stressed out men prefer heavier women.


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The new study was published in the journal PLos ONE, where researchers from the University of Westminster in London "subjected 41 men to a stress-inducing task," according to ABC News. After they finished the task, they asked the men to "rate the attractiveness of female bodies ranging from emaciated to obese."

They also tested another group of men who were NOT put through the stress task, only to find that the "stressed men rated a significantly heavier female body size as most attractive, and they rated heavier female bodies as more attractive in general." Okay, I hate to say it but, isn't that a little nuts? I already knew that stress affects your body's ability to lose weight or get good sleep, but even your libido?! Wow.

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I honestly never would have believed it but one of the study's authors, Martin Tovee, explains that "our body size preferences are flexible and can be changed by environment and circumstance." Well, maybe that explains why lately the only kind of body I want in my partner is a swimmer's build a la hot half-Cuban Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte (haha).

What do you think about stressed out men liking heavier women? Do you find that stress affects your libido? Share with us in the comments below!

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