New York bans soda, baby formula, and now vibrators?!

Whether you blame it on the hot summer season or the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon, one thing is clear: These days, women are no longer shy or ashamed when it comes to their sex lives! That's why I wasn't at all surprised to hear that hundreds of women (and some men!) stood on line to receive one of the vibrators that the Trojan condom company was giving away for free yesterday in New York. I was surprised, however, to find out that city officials stopped the giveaway, leaving lots of those people disappointed…and understandably so!

 If I was expecting that particular gift, I would be pretty upset myself. So why exactly did Mayor Bloomberg ruin all the fun?


The whole scene started when Trojan announced they were giving away about 10,000 vibrating sex toys from pushcarts around the city. They managed to successfully hand out about 400 free vibrators early during the day, but trouble started when the "pleasure carts," as they were called, set off for their next scheduled locations.  The company organizers only managed to hand out a couple more hundred before a city official interrupted the excitement and told Trojan reps they had to shut down the event because of the size of the crowd that had gathered. Needless to say, the people who were forced to leave without their free gift were not happy.

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I can't say I blame them, especially since it seems to me like the problem really had to do more with the nature of the event than with the amount of people that were there. Of course, Bloomberg's camp has firmly denied this, but I can't help but notice just how often he seems to use that excuse, particularly when it comes to more controversial matters.

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Either way, I'm sure he has lost some fans because of the incident. Bloomberg, here's a tip: It's never a good idea to get in between a woman and her vibrator!  

Watch the event take place here:

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