10 weird things you didn't know about sex! (PHOTOS)

Today is International World Orgasm Day! That's right—it really does exist! And since it seems like a new study about sex comes out every single day, we decided to help you kick off the, err, celebration by rounding up some of the strangest and most random facts about sex that you've probably never heard of.  

Trust me-- you'll be shocked, not to mention probably more than a little bit fascinated, by some of them (I know I was!). Below, check out 10 weird things you never knew about sex and orgasms…and enjoy this unique holiday!

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Michelle Regalado is a Staff Writer at MamásLatinas. She loves reading, travel, pop culture, and writing about anything and everything.

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HA!!! This was AWESOME :)


Those were interesting...!!

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i've had orgasm headaches before. the pain is horrible but they only last 3-5 minutes. never knew it was a 'actual' thing.
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None of those were really surprising to me. All of these things have been around and happening for decades, minus the cell phone since they still are fairly new.
Throw up? WTH that is sad. Fictional sexual escapades is a best seller and real information about human sexuality is gross? Not GETTING IT?
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My fiancé has had climax headaches a few times and he started taking Zinc just any brand and they are gone.
people are too materialistic- give up sex for a cell phone
I don't see any of this that I haven't already known LOL. I hope soon that someone will be able to come up with some stuff that I don't know. I have looked all this stuff up a few years ago.
I love orgasms. Who knew there was a day for it. I need more then just one day.
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It sounds unreal a woman breastfeeding a man.how weird.
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