The most popular seasons for sex may surprise you

I never thought of sex as a seasonal act, but it apparently is, according to a recently released study! Researchers have found new information that shows there's two times a year when people on the Internet most look for love and sex: mid-winter and in early summer.


The study tracked Google keyword searches for certain terms that alluded to dating sites, prostitution and pornography (like "eHarmony," "" and "massages") for the span between January 2006 and March 2011. They discovered that online interest in sex, porn and dating peaked in almost identical bi-annual cycle--first, right around Christmas time and again in the beginning of the summer.

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As strange as it is to think that people look for pornography and potential love interests in the same way (seriously, isn't that a little creepy?), I am also not all that surprised by these findings. I mean, who DOESN'T want to someone to cuddle with around Christmastime? It is holiday season! As for the summer, well…with everyone trying to beat all of the sun and excessive heat waves by wearing skimpier clothes, I guess it's only natural that people start feeling friskier.

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Of course, more sex also means more potential health risks so researchers are hoping to use this information to target the timing of safe sex campaigns--which I actually think is a good idea. Hey, everyone can use a little precautionary reminder now and then!  

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