Watch Sofia Vergara's proposal from Nick Loeb! (VIDEO)

Though Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb have not yet confirmed the news, most have heard of the couple's recent engagement.  But now, fans can actually watch the proposal take place!  Vergara's son, Manolo, recorded much of his mother's huge 40th birthday celebration for his YouTube series, Mi Vida con Toty… and it looks like he unwittingly recorded the actual moment Loeb popped the question.


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In the video, one of Vergara's lifelong dreams comes true when she and Loeb get the chance to climb to the top of a pyramid while exploring Mayan ruins in Chichen Itza, Mexico. And the experience was made even better when the 36-year-old Loeb asked the 40-year-old Modern Family star to marry him! After the proposal, the clip also shows the two descending the stairs and Manolo asking to see the ring, although Vergara herself never acknowledges that it's an engagement ring.

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Wow! If that really is the way the whole thing happened, that is one amazingly sweet proposal! What better location could she have asked for than while standing atop a famous site? Plus, it's perfect timing on Loeb's part. Waiting until that one special moment when it was just the two of them, instead of at some other point during the birthday festivities, must have made it all the more meaningful and memorable.

Watch Manolo's recording of the proposal here:

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