Elderly couple gets re-married 50 years after getting divorced!

Plenty of couples get divorced, but not many get divorced and then re-married to the same partner! That's exactly what's happening to one New York couple, though, who at the age of 85, are getting remarried after nearly 50 years apart!

After first meeting when they were teenagers, getting married, and having four children, Lena Henderson and Roland Davis got divorced in 1964. Davis remarried and moved away but then returned at his daughter's urging after his second wife died several months ago. While preparing his move back to New York, Davis was speaking to Henderson on the phone when he popped the question for the second time.


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"I think we just kept thinking about each other all the time, even though we were so far apart," Henderson told a local news site. The couple plans to re-marry this weekend.

Aww! Isn't it incredible the way life works sometimes? The couple's amazing story makes me realize that sometimes it really is all about timing--they might not have worked together when they were younger, but they're obviously happy together now that they're older!

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Plus, I love that they are getting re-married, despite the common belief that people don't get married past a certain age. It shows that they are thankful for each other and want to celebrate this new stage of their relationship. After all, love knows no age!

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