There is one perk to watching the Olympics besides staying updated on all the action--getting to gaze at all of the hot guys, of course! This summer's games are chock-full of eye candy, featuring tons of very toned and muscular males from all over the world. But while there are plenty of sexy athletes currently competing in London, there seem to be two crowd favorites going head to head for Hottest Latino Olympian: Ryan Lochte and Danell Leyva!


With his killer blue eyes, ridiculously fit physique, and outrageous sense of style, Lochte has--understandably--made women the world over collectively swoon...and possibly even surpassed Michael Phelps as the most talked-about Olympic swimmer ever!  And his fan base has only gotten increasingly obsessive since he won his first gold medal this past weekend, even trending the hashtag "#LochteNation" on Twitter.

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Meanwhile, Leyva is also making headlines and not just for his less-than-perfect performance during yesterday's men's gymnastics team match. The 20-year-old Miami native is getting tons of buzz after sexy, half-nude pictures that he allegedly sent to an unnamed woman leaked onto the web! In the photos, Leyva is seen posing shirtless in front of a mirror or while lying on a bed.

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Okay, I have to admit Leyva's body does look pretty damn hot in those pictures (do you see those ridiculous abs?), BUT I am still definitely Team Lochte all the way! There's something to be said about a guy who spends half his life in a Speedo and makes it look that good. Plus, how can you not love a man who rocks emerald rhinestone sneakers and American flag grills?

Which of these two Olympians do YOU think is hotter? Tell us in the comments below!

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