Men are faking orgasms at an ALARMING rate

There's been tons of talk about women who fake orgasms. They've been highly criticized by "offended men" as much as they've been criticized by women who urge them to stop faking the funk.

But these days, men are becoming as good actors as women. 

According to a recent AskMen poll, men fake orgasms for the same reason that women do; they're tired, they don't feel like it, they don't want to offend their partners. They probably want to avoid a huge fight--which as a women, you have to be honest--would totally happen if your man told you he "just wasn't in the mood".


I spent some time talking to two of my closest male friends about this. According to one of them, men in their late 30's and early 40's also fake it because they are on sex-inhibiting anti-depressants and they don't feel like confessing their life story to some of the women they're sleeping with.

And it turns out that "faking it" isn't that complicated for men, since they can just use a condom. How many women you know ask: "Can I see the condom, babe?" 

If a man can't come, the woman feels like she's failed in a fundamental way. If a man can't get it up or have an orgasm, we start bombarding him with questions like: "What's wrong? Are you sleeping with someone else? Do you not love me?"

Poor fellows! Of course they opt for faking. 

In any case, let's be clear about one thing: I don't support women faking orgasms, and men's fake O's give me the creeps! Unnacceptable. Period.

Faking is faking and it shouldn't be part of our sexual lives. Let's stop it already and get to work on the real thing.

What do you think about men faking orgasms? Do you think you can tell if your partner fakes it with you? Would you be upset?

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