It's confirmed: Your guy friend probably wants to get in your pants!

Anyone who's ever seen When Harry Met Sally or the more recent Friends with Benefits could probably have predicted this, but a new study has just found that if you have any straight male friends… well, they probably want to sleep with you. And while that's not necessarily going to be bad news for the single ladies out there, what about all you married chicas? I'm definitely a little bit concerned about the prospect of always having to look over my shoulder to make sure that my future husband isn't wanting to get into bed with any of HIS female friends!


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Ever since I can remember, I've always been one of those girls who has a lot of guy friends. Yes, I still have plenty of girlfriends, too, but in some cases I just have a better connection with the opposite sex. I admit it: Some of my guy friends are gay, so them wanting to sleep with me certainly isn't an issue. But I do have some straight guy friends and, honestly, I think it's true what the study found. Their results DO sound kind of right to me:

A study of 80 male-female friendships found that men were more attracted to their female friends than vice versa, and men consistently misjudged how attracted their gal pals were to them. Also, even if one or both friends were dating someone else, it did not lessen a dude's attraction to his lady buddy. Men also thought there was more to gain from being attracted to their friend, while women felt there was more to lose.

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I have to say: although I've always been very comfortable with male friends, this issue has definitely come up. I've always been smart enough to stay away and keep my friendship intact, but it can be really tricky. I've definitely heard of other friends losing friendships even just because one person is attracted and the other rejects them. Although I'll never stop having male friends, it's interesting to see that the study has proven something that Harry told us ages ago: men and women can't be friends. Or, more specifically, they CAN be friends--but he'll probably want to sleep with you anyway.

Have you ever been attracted to a male friend or had him be attracted to you? Share with us in the comments below!

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