Is Jennifer Lopez's boyfriend Casper Smart stepping out on her?

It would seem that dating one of the hottest women on the planet isn't enough for some people. Casper Smart, the 25-year-old boyfriend of just-turned-43 Jennifer Lopez, was just caught sneaking into a pretty seedy looking 24-hour peepshow in New York City.

It happened Monday, just one day before he played doting boyfriend at her birthday party on Tuesday. I wonder if his girlfriend knew about his X-rated exploits though?


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Casper looks pretty shady when standing outside of the club that's attached to the N.Y. VIP Toys sex shop. Did he really think that nobody would recognize him? Now, to be honest, I don't necessarily have a problem with men watching naked girls dance--but why is he doing it in broad daylight, in a huge city, instead of asking his woman to give him a little peep show of her own?

I would imagine that dating one of the sexiest women in showbiz would mean that you're pretty satisfied, ahem, sexually? Maybe Casper isn't, though, if he's needing to go into a peep show on his lady's birthday. Or maybe he's actually asking for a few tips from the girls to give J.Lo a little show later on?

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No matter what Casper was doing in that place, I would bet that it's definitely something really seedy. I mean, if he really needed to see naked girls, why not at least go to a more reputable and cleaner establishment? I guess that's all his choice, though, and more power to Jennifer if she's truly okay with her man visiting this place.

Do you think Jennifer Lopez knew that Casper Smart was going into this peep show? Are you grossed out that he's stepping out on the day of her birthday?

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