I'd NEVER use these Kegel panties!

A Phoenix, Arizona-based clothing company wants to empower women--or more accurately, our pelvic floor muscles. PantyO makes a Spandex panty that has a "Kegel extension"--basically a 1-inch silicon peg that is sewn into the crotch of the panty--that promises to provide a focus point for women during the day while performing Kegel's exercises.

"Put your PantyO's on and Kegel anytime or anywhere: while shopping, driving, working, watching TV, and with your other exercise routines," the website that sells the unique lingerie touts." This will help keep you happier, healthier, and stress free throughout your day!"


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Research does support the claims of the long-term benefits of Kegels. Toning those vaginal muscles strengthens the pelvic wall so pregnant women have an easier labor and suffer from less bladder control problems after having the baby—not to mention the added bonus of more powerful orgasms and increased sexual pleasure because, well, those muscles will just be tighter. Experts recommend doing about 30 to 80 reps each day to reap the full benefits.

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Having just come out of my pregnancy, I am basically Kegeled out—I read, heard and thought about them pretty much every day, though to be honest I have not been good at all about the strict regimen suggested. I'm not so sure, though, how I'd feel walking around with something stuck…let me not even go there, but you know what I'm getting at. And at the hefty price of $53 (okay, yes, they do have a little design of Swarovski crystals on the front, but does that really justify the price?), I'd rather just schedule a Kegels routine into my calendar than have to use my underwear as a reminder.

What do you think of these panties? Would you use them? Tell us in the comments below!

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