Are Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith about to get divorced?

The rumor mill is really swirling around the 15-year marriage of Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith and, well, the news is NOT good.

There have been cheating allegations flying around after Antonio was supposedly caught kissing another woman at a Cancun nightclub and although his wife originally defended it all, now Melanie is walking around Los Angeles WITHOUT her wedding ring. So, seriously, what is going on?!


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Some are saying that Antonio has been "desperately trying to win Melanie's trust back", according to RadarOnline, and definitely still wearing HIS wedding ring. But it seems that she may be taking a cue from the "once a cheater, always a cheater" piece of wisdom and finally breaking down to consider divorce. A source explained to Perez Hilton what's been going on:

Melanie's a mess. Not only is she in jeopardy of losing the love of her life, but her career is in the toilet while Antonio's star is continuing to rise. I think Melanie's self esteem hit an all time low and she believed Antonio was torturing her. For years, it's as if she's been consumed with jealousy over his flirting and outspoken love for beautiful women.

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Okay, so, I can understand her being angry and jealous, especially after these new photos came out. I'm honestly saddened by this news and am seriously hoping that this rumor is just a rumor. The pair has always seemed so very much in love (I mean, she has his name tattooed in a heart on her arm!) and I hope they work it out.

Do you think the rumors of Antonio Banderas being a cheater and Melanie Griffith considering divorce are true? Share in the comments below!

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