President and Michelle Obama prove a little PDA is good for relationships! (VIDEO)

It looks like President Obama isn't afraid of a little PDA! Obama laid a smooch on his wife, Michelle Obama, after getting featured on the Kiss Cam during the Team USA basketball game in Washington D.C. last night…and the tape is so darn cute, it is sure to inspire other long-married couples to show to be more openly affectionate as well!


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The couple was first caught on the camera in the second quarter of the game, but to the disappointment of the entire crowd, they let the moment pass without a kiss. By the last quarter though, daughter Malia must have urged them to change their minds  because when the cameras once again zoomed in on their faces (someone must have really wanted them to kiss!), the President and First Lady happily complied with the audience by giving each other a sweet peck on the lips. Aww, they are just the sweetest, aren't they?

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I love that even after years of marriage—the last few which have surely been made more difficult by the intense scrutiny they face on a daily basis—they still look genuinely happy and content with each other! And I think that the fact that they're willing to take part in such a goofy but adorable tradition shows how comfortable and laid-back they are with each other. Maybe every longtime couple should start taking notes from them—hey, a little PDA never hurt anyone!

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