Single woman lists "10 Reasons You Should Get Married" - and I don't agree with any of them! (VIDEO)

As I've already made clear, I think it's unfair to pressure any woman into getting married before they're ready or having a big wedding if that's not what they want. It doesn't matter if they're 22 or 42, Latina or Asian, a dog person or a cat lover—in the end, I think the "ifs" and/or "whens" of marriage and babies is a personal decision that shouldn't be judged by anyone but the individual….why is why I absolutely hated this video that a British woman recently posted on YouTube, entitled "10 Reasons You Should Get Married."


The video is part of a series of clips called "10 reasons why," all produced by Emily Hartridge. Hartridge--who, by the way, is not married—used this particular entry to reflect on why it's necessary for a woman to get married.

So, what are some of the reasons on her absolutely idiotic list? Well, according to her, marriage "prevents you from dying alone," "brings you more sex," makes you happier, means "you always have a +1" and that you don't need to worry about "being called a catlady" and—one of the kickers here—means "you won't need to work as much as before." Um, excuse me, what?! Did I just get transported back to the 1950s? What kind of ridiculous thinking is that?

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I don't know if Hartridge was trying to be funny with this completely inane list or what…but I find the whole thing repulsive and sexist, not to mention totally selfish. I mean, did anyone else notice that she left off one very important reason for marriage --as in, I don't know, LOVE? Hartridge didn't mention that itty bitty factor ONCE…or any other rational reason for marriage, for that matter. Instead, she just rattled off a list of sad, dumb bullet points-- all of which perpetuate the idea that women are needy, dependent creatures who need a partner to be happy and would rather be taken care of than work. Seriously?! I can't believe some people still think this way in 2012—a year in which (not so coincidentally) women inarguably ruled Hollywood, technological and scientific fields, and many, many other notable areas.    

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What makes me most angry about Hartridge's video though is that she is a single woman herself, which means, she more than others, should realize how annoying it is for females to have people constantly shove marriage in their faces. If anything, she should be trying to fight that habit by making any conversations about being single honest and healthy--not keeping it alive with a nonsensical and baseless video like this one.

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