It's perfectly okay to say vagina in a commercial, people! (VIDEO)

Sometimes I feel that people get mad and outraged for the stupidest reason. Case in point: the current up-in-arms complains about a feminine hygiene commercial that actually dares to use the word "vagina" in their new TV advertisement.

The ad, which premiered on Australian TV on Sunday  night, shows a naked young woman talking frankly about how amazing our bodies are—and how the discharge in between periods is totally normal and that all you need to solve that problem is some Carefree panty liners. Well, she also happens to say the word "vagina" and the ad has now been attacked.


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To be honest, I took a look at the video and I really do not think this is a big deal at ALL. Not that people should be mad at all, but why are they so enraged by this NAKED woman talking about a perfectly normal thing? In fact, she uses the proper term for a body part that, what, half of the world has? We have to stop calling it something else, people!

I think the whole argument for using words like "vajayjay" (popularized by Grey's Anatomy) and any other euphemism is kind of offensive. Honestly, I agree with the research that says women are sick of hearing diminutive terms to describe their bodies, as campaign spokeswoman Debbie Selikman defends the sad by saying "it shows women have nothing to hide, nothing to be ashamed about and should be confident of their body."

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I'm really glad that she's standing by the ad because, to be honest, we really need to get over ourselves. A vagina is a vagina and a penis is a penis. Especially if we're talking about feminine hygiene products, I don't see any problem with using the correct terminology in TV ads. I mean, so what if a kid sees the ad? They should probably know the real words for their body parts, anyway.

What do you think of this advertisement that uses the word "vagina"? Share with us in the comments below!

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