Yikes! The 5 scariest sex toys, ever!

I'm pretty open minded when it comes to sex, or at least I always liked to think so. I don't like to judge what others do in the bedroom and, in general, I tend to just think it's none of my business how freaky or not freaky people like to get.

And then I read about the 5 scariest sex toys and, to be honest, my head started spinning a little bit. I mean, these things are odd… VERY odd! I honestly don't know which of these I could possibly ever even imagine being used anywhere. I mean, seriously, they are just bizarre. Click through to check them out—and be astounded with me!

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Which of these sex toys is the scariest to you? Share with us in the comments below!

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haha not only scary, but crazy! oh girl, I don't know which one is the worst!


That fisting glove is really creepy.


I have got to think of a weird or freaky sex whatyoumaycallit  to make gozillions of money better or weirer than these 

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Honestly, if you are that open minded, these few toys should not scare you. I have seen and used other toys that would send you screaming if these 5 made you cringe. These are all mild in comparison.
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if these sorts of thing scare you, you are not as open minded as you think you are.
Sexual preferences aside (and I don't share any of the alternatives presented)... But not judgmental? FREAKY OR NOT? THIS IS ODD and BIZARRE... Sound like pretty judgmental statements to start with. For being an article, objectivity admitted was, well, your own point of view...

well ... There's also everything as every pervert and crazy ... all I can say is that it should first be required to put sexual offenders, would be safer than just having them in a list .. dont you think?

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