Is sex better without orgasms?

Sex normally has one clear end goal: orgasms for both parties! But now, some couples are saying that practicing karezza, intercourse which doesn't involve climax, is actually better than traditional sex!


Why? Apparently karezza (which gets its name from the Italian word for "caress") is intended to be a gentler, more affectionate form of sex that will help keep partners in tune with one another. Instead of placing the focus on climaxing, it places more emphasis on the emotional connection between the two parties.    

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The practice is reportedly especially effective for longtime couples who are looking to  revitalize their sex lives. And that's not even the most surprising part—many of the biggest karezza enthusiasts are actually men! "It's very radical for them, but they are finding the emotional intimacy far outweighs any of the thrill of the chase and the mating mind," Deb Fientech, a counselor who uses karezza to help her patients  in their relationships, told ABC news.  

Well, color me shocked! I'd NEVER have guessed that. I mean, hasn't EVERY romantic comedy in history told us that guys are the ones with the one-track mind?! But I have to admit it IS pretty fascinating (and kinda comforting to a single gal like me) to know that there are men out there who just want to cuddle too!

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In the end, it's up to each couple to find out for themselves what type of sex works for them. And I guess if it can help your relationship, then it can be worth a shot. Still, I would maybe think twice before completely converting to this new practice… I mean, people do have traditional sex for a reason! Just saying.

What do you think of the  karezza practice? Tell us in the comments below!

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on Jul 13, 2012 at 1:14 PM

Thats like running the race but never winning the trophy...baking a cake but never getting to taste it...starting a good book but never reading the end...starting a journey but never getting no thanks

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on Jul 15, 2012 at 7:38 PM

Whats the point if not to try and please your partner. Why build up tension when that is precisely what you are trying to release. You don't hit your head with a hammer when you have a headache. Foreplay tenderness communication and mutual pleasure is what we most desire. Karessa can go with the warm cottage cheese. Don't let the big O fade away in the name of whats fashionably new.

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on May 2, 2013 at 10:36 AM
Im a guy...and to a certain extent it can be more intimate than an orgasm..I have expirenced it. Not all men are in a hurry to get to the big "O", and if they are they are inconsiderate in my opinion. To feel your partner that way while gazing into their eyes...there is nothing better. Why would you not want to fill all of your senses to the hilt, the scent of their skin, the feel of their skin...It is one of the most intense connections a person can have with someone when you are "in tune" with each other. It is being able to enjoy your partner to the fullest extent possible...with that being said, practicing it Its not about the end....but the journey there....
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