Honeymoon killers should be fined

Last Sunday while reading the Times, I learned about the new "Buddymoon" trend, and I must say I find this idea hideous and terrible!

The honeymoon marks the beginning of your new life, with all the romance and bliss---incessant sex and love filled sleepless nights. Why would you taking your friend on your honeymoon?


Even if you've lived with your boyfriend for a couple of years, marriage changes the whole picture (about 65 percent of couples cohabitate prior to marriage). I'm not saying that marriage doesn't have many beautiful facets to it, but it changes with time, once the honeymoon phase is over, responsibilities start landing in your lap, not to mention kids and the complexities of family life.

So why not keep a memory of the two of you alone -- with no worries and nothing to focus on -- but yourselves?

Shame on all the people who want to get rid of the honeymoon. I despise the person who came up with this concept. Really, think about it, where has all romance gone?

The buddymoon idea began in Australia two years ago and then it started happening in the United States, of course leading by example we have the rich and famous stars, like the rap performers Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz, whom helped popularize the honeymoon-with-friends idea with a lavish buddymoon filled with Patrón tequila shots and dancing parties under the stars with famous DJ's in tow.

But now many non-celebrity couples are following suit (of course) and they're also choosing this arrangement. Marriage consultants claim that it has to do with the difficult economic times we're living. Really? That doesn't make any sense to me either.

In any case, people can do as they choose but here's a thought: If your honeymoon seems like a right occasion to tag alone with your buddies, I would consider asking yourself if you're absolutely ready to be married to one person for the rest of your life?

Perhaps life in a commune is a better idea for you and your soon to become spouse… Just a thought…

What do your think? Honeymoon or Buddymoon? I really would love to know your thoughts...

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