Why I NEVER want to have a big, traditional Latin wedding!

Let me start off by saying that I am not yet getting married, close to getting married or even looking for potential husbands. However, my 27-year-old older sister is in the process of planning her wedding for March of 2013 and as her maid of honor, I have seen and had to help deal with the multiple nervous breakdowns she has had throughout her looong engagement (two years but it seems like a century). And it's made me realize one thing: I would NEVER, ever want to have a huge, traditional, Latin wedding.


Don't get me wrong! I have loved helping my sister out and have been there for here every step of the way, from accompanying her to various florists to crying like a baby when she finally found her dress to looking at version after slightly-altered version of her Save the Dates. But seeing how anxious and stressed the whole thing has made her (and by extension, me and a lot of my other family members) has only reaffirmed what I've pretty much always known—which is that when I get married, I want the smallest wedding possible.

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As a Latina, I'm used to and enjoy having huge parties with dozens of friends and relatives. But I want my wedding ceremony to be totally different than my family's usual HUGE, loud festivities. Why? For starters, I am not a planner. I am much more of a spontaneous, go-with-the-flow, whatever happens, happens kind of gal. So I think having to make that many pre-planned decisions while also trying to be budget-concious would literally send me to the loony bin.

Plus, I hate being the center of attention—it's so much pressure! I mean, I'm sure I'll already be super nervous and semi-panicked about entering such a big, important chapter of my life. I don't need 200 extra people (the estimated number of guests for my sister's wedding) to watch me freak out! If it was up to me, I would get married on a beach with just my groom and immediate family members only and then maybe throw a bigger, celebratory party with the rest of my family somewhere else later on.

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That being said, because I do come from a big, traditional Latin family, I will be the first to admit that this dream might very well be impossible…mainly because having such a small ceremony would  most likely seriously offend my tias and tios, primos and my bisabuela. In fact, I'm pretty sure I would get disowned by certain family members, particularly mis padrinos—which is why EVENTUALLY I'll have to either suck it up and deal or come up with a very creative solution. Any ideas?

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