50 Shades of Grey is now...a musical? (VIDEO)

It seems like 50 Shades of Grey has taken over everything—from book shelves everywhere to bedsheets! And now it's taking over Broadway! Well…sort of. In the hilarious new video below, the famous series serves as a basis for a "musical," starring a few readers who turn to the novel as a guilty pleasure.  


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The video goes back and forth between two females, one who sings only praise for the book ("50 Shades of Grey…every fantasy right in front of me") and one who is, err, a little more critical ("50 Shades of Grey, no way, every page I read makes my eyeballs bleed"). A male (probably representing the hundreds of husbands who are also secretly poring over the book) also makes an appearance, singing "I hope no one finds out I'm reading it."    

The whole thing is hysterical and perfectly captures the wide range of reactions caused by the now-infamous series. Plus, I love that the fact the video is a musical. Everything is just funnier in song, don't you think? Besides, at the rate the franchise is going, I can only imagine that it's just a matter of time before there actually is a REAL 50 Shades musical (scary but true).

Watch "50 Shades: The Musical" here: 

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