Do orgasm headaches really exist?

Teen sex comes with a lot of potential risks—pregnancy at a young age, STDs, and many more. But now reports are saying there could be a new negative side effect: orgasm headaches!


A case report published this week in the journal Pediatrics describes recent separate incidents in which two teens have complained of getting headaches during sex or at orgasm. In one case, the teen girl started experiencing graduating primary sex headaches (which occur about a minute before orgasm) for the first time in her life about three weeks before visiting the doctor. In the second case, a teen boy experienced a headache that medics call the explosive type, which occur at the moment of orgasm. The headaches would occur regardless of sexual position or whether he was having intercourse or masturbating.

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Brain scans on both teens revealed no abnormalities, but the boy's headaches eventually went away on their own after several months while the girl's headaches faded after switching contraception. Though there has only been four such cases reported, doctors say they aren't sure if that's because the condition is rare in teens or because teens are less likely to visit a doctor about it. Either way, the whole thing is pretty strange right?

And it's not just teens that have recently been affected. Over the weekend, a 24-year-old man in India made headlines after he was featured in a study that examined the severe headaches he gets while watching porn (but not while having sex)! Apparently, the subject of the study has experienced these headaches for the past two years and has no history of head injury or migraines. Doctors had to prescribe him pain killers to be taken half an hour prior to watching any sexual videos...OR you could stop watching so much damn porn! Just a thought. 

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No, but seriously, can you imagine going to the doctor with THAT problem? It's a pretty bizarre (not to mention ANNOYING as hell) issue to have--especially since it seems like medics don't really have a treatment for the condition, except for subscribing some Tylenol. Not exactly helpful. Still, I think I would be more worried about explaining it to my partner than to my doctor. "Sorry hon, I suffer from orgasm headaches,"---I mean, does that sound like the world's worst excuse or what?   

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