Is unemployment a dating deal breaker?

Everyone has certain qualities they look for in a partner, whether it's a physical feature or something else. But there's one factor that most women agreed on in searching for a man—employment! A recent survey by the dating service "It's Just Lunch" found that out of 925 single straight women surveyed, a whopping 75 percent said they'd have a problem with dating someone who didn't have a job.


Why? Apparently the woman were concerned that they might end up being forced to support an unemployed man. They also said they didn't want their own activities to be limited by someone else's job status and potential financial limitations.

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As a single Latina woman, I was really surprised to hear this. A few years ago, I would have completely agreed with the majority of females in saying that an occupation is an absolutely necessary quality in a partner. But with the economy being what it is these days, everyone is struggling to find or keep their job—which is why I was shocked that women were still being so adamant, close-minded and almost snobby about their potential love interests HAVING to be employed.

That is, until I kept reading and found one important note: 42 percent of the women of those counted in that 75 percent portion mentioned actually said they might go out on a date with a guy who doesn't have a job but wouldn't date him long-term unless he had a plan for the future. Now, that is a perfectly reasonable explanation that I can definitely get behind. I mean, who wants to date someone who has no long-term goals or who doesn't make any effort into getting himself back to work? Being unemployed due to uncontrollable circumstances is one thing, but being unemployed by choice or out of pure laziness is another. After all, women want to take care of men out of love, not out of necessity.

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The results (and my own experience) do lead me to one conclusion—it's important for women to remain open-minded while dating. I'm not saying anyone should settle, but having a 10-foot long checklist of Ideal Partner Qualities doesn't do anything except make you rule out potentially great men. And especially with the job market these days, I think it's OK and even necessary to give the guys—and any over-the-top, unrealistic expectations—a break.

Have you ever dated an unemployed guy? Would you again? Tell us in the comments below!

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