5 amazing & creative proposals that'll move you to tears! (VIDEOS)

These days, there's more and more pressure to get creative with proposals. It's not just about buying the right ring and getting down on one knee anymore. There has to be a surprise element like having an audience there or hiring a band or even creating a flash mob! Future husbands have to think completely out of the box--like 24-year-old Anthony Pinder did when he decided to propose to Ariana Gomez, his girlfriend of six years, through a LEGO stop-motion film!

Every day, Pinder would build one LEGO creation and take a picture of it to post to his Flickr page. His girlfriend thought it was just a fun project he was doing and had no idea it was all work going towards her proposal. After several THOUSAND photos and a week's worth of editing, Pinder says she was very surprised. AWW, how adorable is that!!


And he's not the only one who got creative with his proposals. Below, 5 amazing and original proposal videos, including Pinder's! If you're a sap like me, just be prepared to break out the tissues!

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1. LEGO stop-motion film proposal

2.Michael Jackson Flash Mob proposal

3. First ever live-dub proposal

4.  Movie trailer proposal

5. Falling off a building proposal

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