Top 5 most embarrassing wedding moments EVER! (VIDEOS)

Even with all of the planning and preparation, there's plenty of room for something to go wrong at a wedding. From small mishaps to BIG fails, many brides have had to deal with a few hilariously mortifying moments on their big day and though some handle it better than others.

Hopefully, all of them can eventually look back and laugh at the memory! In that spirit, we rounded up 5 of the biggest wedding fails--from funny to OH MY GOSH!--all caught on video for a good chuckle. Enjoy!



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1. Woops! Wet wedding: Bridal party falls in dock but bride stays cool!

2. A clumsy best man gives the bride a little more than she bargained for at her ceremony.

3. Cake catastrophe! Note to brides: make sure all tables are very, very sturdy.

4. Laugh attack! One groom gets a bad case of the giggles.

5. And the best (worst?) of all, bride had a wardrobe malfunction while walking down the aisle!

Have you ever experienced or seen a wedding mishap? Tell us in the comments below!

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