Talking, thinking or even IM'ing women makes men less smart

A recent study proving that men can barely hold it together while in the presence of, or just talking (even virtually) to women gave us a good chuckle today. I mean, it basically confirmed something that all of us chicas inherently knew to begin with. Guys loose it the second sex (which--come on--is obviously what they are thinking about) is brought into the equation.

You may be talking to a man who has absolutely no chance of scoring with you at all, but he literally can’t help it, his brain will turn to mush just because that’s what he's thinking about. It’s the definition of a one track mind. Doesn’t this make some of the stupid actions your man has no doubt been guilty of just a little more forgivable?


Aside from the fact that this indicates a distinct female superiority, I think we should also perhaps cut the entire male species some slack. For example, if you are single and a man approaches you with the cheesiest pickup line you’ve ever heard, give him a chance! He can’t help the fact that he's being an idiot, he is literally cognitively impaired.

But the best part is that a guy doesn’t even need visual cues to get all cognitively scrambled! Even if he is just interacting with a woman over IM, he will loose it! Women, of course, showed absolutely no difference in their reaction after interacting with a man, well, because we can hold it together. There is an obvious reason we’re the ones who bring babies into the world here, ladies. So, there you go women, we clearly have the upper hand when it comes to male/female interaction.  

I think of it this way. I LOVE shoes. When I see, say, a pair of heels I think are ridiculously cute, the same thing happens to me that happens to guys (I’m guessing) when they see, talk to, or even just IM a woman. I’m all like, “I must have that. Buy. Now.” I think this is basically what is happening in a guy’s head when he's trying to interact with us lady folk. So be nice chicas, you never know, maybe once he gets past his own mind mush, he won’t be as silly as you think.

Remember, men are biologically bred to think that they have to make us laugh, provide for us and protect us in order to impress us. We ladies are biologically bred to… um, sit there and look hot while seeking a mate.

Have you ever noticed a man acting like a total idiot around females? What’s the funniest story you can remember?

Image via David Boyle in DC/Flickr