Would you take your husband to Hooters or any other "breastaurant"?

Okay, I have to say: I consider myself a modern woman who's comfortable with my body and the bodies of other women. I applaud people like Jessica Simpson and Jenny McCarthy who have the guts to pose naked on the cover of magazines, whether it's because they're pregnant or about to hit 40 and want one last hurrah. And while I'm all about celebrating the beauty of a woman's body and her pride behind it, I will never EVER understand the popularity and now apparent mini-boom of the "breastaurant".


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Seriously, why are these restaurants still alive and well? In fact, according to food industry research firm Technomic, "the nation's top three 'breastaurant' chains behind Hooters each had sales grown of 30 perfect or more last year." So, apparently, being in the breastaurant business is quite profitable. And while I never want to see a restaurant fail (since, you know, I'm a huge foodie), I am pretty appalled that places like Hooters are only multiplying. WHY is this happening?!

It's not just the eponymous Hooters that's profiting from women showing barely anything, though, those type of restaurants are popping up all over the country. In fact, people are apparently bringing their kids to these places, too! Dad to two daughters, ages 6 and 9, Tovan Adams says that he brings to a popular Tempe, Arizona, restaurant where "everyone's still got their clothes on" and remarks that "if you go to the beach, it's a lot worse than being here." The only problem with dear old dad's remark, though, is that at the beach you EXPECT to see scantily clad women whereas I don't really want a side of breast along with my chicken pot pie (unless it's of the chicken variety, of course).

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I honestly can't believe that any self-respecting woman or mother would let her daughters step foot in a place like this. Maybe it's okay when they're older and understand that it's supposed to be a funny joke to lure in stupid men, but young girls are impressionable. What's the difference between being scantily clad and serving food in Hooters and being scantily clad and serving drinks in a gentleman's club? They're a little bit too close together for MY comfort, that's for sure. And as for taking my husband there, I hope he realizes that those women sticking their breasts in everyone's faces are someone's daughters too and is horrified. This trend is DEFINITELY one that needs to die, and quickly.

Have you ever gone to a "breastaurant" with your husband? Would you take your daughters there? Share with us in the comments below!

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