Are women really done with sex?!

With the phenomenon of 50 Shades of Grey and all of the increasingly racy shows on TV, most people would believe that women are finally truly embracing their sexuality. But one person doesn't think that's the case—British author Jilly Cooper says that sex in fiction has lost its appeal for females. Why? Because she says women "don't want to have sex anymore." To which I have to say....EXCUSE me? Since when?!


Cooper, who has written multiple romance novels, claims that women now have a lack of interest in sex, largely because of their busy schedules. "Ours is now a terribly under-sexed society. I have talked to a lot of young women about this and they just don't seem to do it anymore," she told The Telegraph. 

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OK, how on Earth  did she even come up with this broad, not to mention ridiculously incorrect, generalization? I'm really not sure who she is talking to because as hectic as our lives may be, I'm pretty sure most females do make their sexuality a priority in some way—whether it's reading a sexy book, having a vacation fling, sexting, or engaging in steady, monogamous sex with their partner.

The author also said that 50 Shades has helped bring back erotica back to the forefront (which is true) because "porn was terribly out of fashion before that book came out" (which is very NOT true.) Um, lady, have you ever even been on the Internet?

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I think that because women do lead such busy, full lives that when they make time to enage in sexual behavior, they want to make sure they do so in a fun, engaging way--which is probably why 50 Shades has become so popular and why romance novels that aren't as openly sensual don't always do as well.

But whatever the reason, I'm pretty sure most females would agree that Cooper's statement is crazy. Maybe from now on, she would be better off just speaking for herself, thank you very much!

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