'Me' time more important to a couple's happiness than sex

After 13 years together, my husband knows perfectly well that one of my favorite things is to be alone. And this is not new. I mean, it's not like I started to like being alone after having children and feeling that I no longer exist as an individual. No. Being alone and doing my own thing without involving anyone else has always been something I've liked.

In fact, people think I'm crazy when I tell them I have no problem going to the movies by myself or going out to dinner alone, which I tend to do when I travel for business. This does not mean I want to be alone all the time, but as a recent study found, time alone is super important for a couple's happiness.


No wonder that for many couples being alone is more important than a good sex life. Really! This study, which has not yet been published, found that for most people, having time for oneself is more important than being happy in the sack. In addition, it also found that women tend to be less happy in terms of the amount of time they have for themselves.

That does not surprise me because even though modern dads are much more involved in raising their children, the fact is that most of the responsibility still falls on us moms. This means that women have very little free time.

All I can say is that in my own case it has been difficult to get my husband to understand how important it is that each of us has our time to do the things we like separately. The good thing is that when we do go ahead and do that, we both notice that we are much happier and more eager to be together.

How about you? Do you think spending time away from your partner is good or bad for your relationship. Share your thoughts by leaving us a comment below.

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