Adorable Michael Jackson flash mob proposal will make your heart melt! (VIDEO)

These days, to get engaged, you also have to get more and more creative! I didn't think anything could top the world's first ever live lip-dub proposal, until I saw the video of this one which features a full Michael Jackson flash mob!



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Craig Jones recently proposed to his girlfriend Allison by setting up a spontaneous flash mob, complete with dancers and marching band, in New York's Bryant Park to the King of Pop's classic song 'The Way You Make Me Feel.'

As can be seen in the super sweet video, Allison was told to meet Craig in Bryant Park for lunch. When she arrived with her close friend, a woman who Allison didn't know approached and led her to the table that was set with flowers and positioned right in the center—perfect for viewing the show! Once the music and dance began, Allison started to recognize what was up and just couldn't control her emotions.

The whole thing is so amazing and romantic, I couldn't help but tear up as well!

Watch the proposal take place:

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Image via YouTube

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