What kind of woman has an affair with more than 50 married men? (VIDEO)

Meet Karen Marley. A single woman who's 45 years old and calls herself a serial mistress because she only likes to date married men. So much so that she was on the Dr. Drew show Wednesday night saying that she's had affairs with more than 50 married men. Say what? 

First of all, I don't even understand what kind of woman would be capable of doing this. Secondly, why is she out and about telling the world about her questionable--to put it lightly--behavior? While you need two to tango and the cheating husbands are just as responsible as she is, I find Marley's behavior despicable!


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Marley's reason behind preferring married men? She says they're already trained! So we do all the work and she benefits from it! Seriously, though, I just don't understand how this woman can do this to other women. To me, she's the perfect example of how women can be other women worst enemies. How sad!

I almost want to tell you not to waste your time watching this video, but the truth is that you really need to hear it to believe it. And, to be aware that there are lots of women out there like her. Again, while there are obviously two people responsible for the affair, you also have to remember that if these kind of women weren't available, cheating men would have to look elsewhere, no?

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The craziest thing about Marley is that she's really delusional because, as she told Dr. Drew, she doesn't think she's broken up any marriages. In fact, she goes as far as saying that "A mistress doesn't have to be destructive … and none of the relationships have ever been in have been destructive." Really? What a load of crap!

What do you think about this serial mistress? Why do you think she does this? Leave us a comment with your opinion.

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