Promiscuous girls? Vacation flings are more common than you think

Vacations are great for easing stress, enjoying some downtime, and apparently livening up your sex life! A new survey has shown that for some women traveling isn't all about taking a break or sightseeing—it's also a platform for having casual sex!


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The poll, conducted by dating travel website, surveyed 30,000 British women of all ages and asked them 10 questions about their sexual behavior on summer vacations. Over 40 percent of participants under 30 reported having had a one-night stand during a trip, while 10 percent said that they had five or more sexual partners over the course of a week-long holiday. 35 percent reported having just one partner. The survey also found that women of any age were much more likely to have a casual sexual encounter during a trip than in their normal, everyday lives.

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While I don't find it surprising that ladies are more carefree on their vacations (I mean, what better time to let go of your worries and inhibitions?!), I am a little taken aback at just how many young single women are engaging in casual sex. Still, women becoming more sexually liberated—to a certain extent, of course-- is a good thing. In fact, I think married ladies should take a note from these single 20-something gals and use their vacations to spice up their sex life too. I mean, why not?

I definitely don't condone completely careless promiscuity, but if it just happens and all involved parties are being safe and aware, I say live and let live. Hey it is a vacation!

Have you ever had a casual fling on vacation? Tell us in the comments below!

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