Will 'Fifty Shades of Grey' sheets make sex steamier?

We have Gossip Girl clothes, Hunger Games eyeshadow, and True Blood drinks. Why not Fifty Shades of Grey sheets, sex toys and paint? Yes, paint. Why not? Fifty Shades author E.L. James and her agent Val Hoskins  have selected  a global licensing agent for merchandise based on the best-selling trilogy.

The UK-based Caroline Mickler was chosen to represent the Fifty Shades of Grey line of products.  The products will include lingerie/sleepwear to fragrances, beauty products, bedding, home furnishings, stationery, jewelry and, yes, adult products--all aimed at women.

We are already imagining some of the items. Take a look at what we'd love to see in the lineup: 

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No surprise at all, afterall sex does sell!! There are the products featured in the book, like the under the bed restraint system. As featured in New York Best Selling Novel, Fifty Shades of Grey.  "I'm going to tie you to that bed, Anastasia."
The Under The Bed Restraint System includes four cuffs, four 60 inch restraint straps, and one 60 inch connector strap. Simply slide the restraint straps under the mattress for an instant bondage bedroom. Each 60 inch strap adjusts to fit any size bed. There are multiple ways to position the straps. Use your imagination and restrain your lover for more fun!  available at www.sexyamoreshop.com

check it out http://www.sexyamoreshop.com/Under-the-Bed-Restraint-System/sku-SS202-01?a=sweet-clit-toys

For starters you may want to try the Fetish Fantasy Lovers kit. Explore each other's naughty side with this Lover's Fantasy Kit. Kit includes a leather whip, metal handcuffs with keys, and a FREE satin love mask. Only $10.93 at www.sexyamoreshop.com Check it out http://www.sexyamoreshop.com/Fetish-Fantasy-Series-Lovers-Fantasy-Kit/sku-PD2107-00?a=sweet-clit-toys

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